Saturday, June 1, 2013

“I want my P-D-F” –Dire Straits “Money for nothing…

So with Microsoft’s NEW and Improved method of getting Trainers our manuals, I’ve ran into some real issues…One of which is that I can’t read my manual WITHOUT their (insert sarcastic tone here) AWESOME reader…which won’t run on my Android device (I know, don’t tell anyone, but this Microsoft Certified Trainer isn’t using a Windows 8 Tablet)….any-who, I decided to take matter into my own hand… Here’s what I’ve done.

First I use our AWESOME “SkillPipe” and open my book.  From within skillpipe you have the option to “Print”.  So I print to my Foxit PhantomPDF Printer (THANKS Foxit for such a great product!….oh, don’t get to impatient…wait until skillpipe is done printing…Foxit opens automatically). 

This gives me a PDF document, but when I open it, there are no “slide” images included, just blank squares…plus there is also a watermark (by the way skillpipe, a watermark means there should be some transparence to it…silly thing is maybe 1 shade off from the text…makes it almost impossible to read).

So my 2nd step is I open the new PDF in Foxit PhantomPDF Reader and select “touchup object”….this allows me to select the watermark and hit the delete key…BAM! Gone.

3rd step I open my PPT for that module and save the slide deck as a .jpg.  You’ll be asked to save just the current slide or the whole deck.  Select “whole deck” and save it to your desktop, you’ll get a directory named after your PPT deck…inside are images of each slide.

Now comes the time consuming process of copying and pasting the images into the blank spots in the PDF.  Save and there you have it….your very own PDF courseware.

Now, the only thing that would be easier would be for Microsoft to give us back our PDF’s…that we’ve had access to for the past 7 or so years.

I’m just saying…


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Lorin Thwaits said...

Completely agree. The SkillPipe solution tells me only one thing: Microsoft does NOT want us to teach from courseware. They want us to wing it.

And that's all good -- I know their products well enough to teach all day without a stupid book.